TED Talks

<subject> says it all. Who watches them? Any favorites?


Don't know what I'm talking about?




They are worth your time.

I sometimes watch some of them when they are related to a subject I'm busy with at school. I mostly don't check for them myself but someone recommends it to me. I have to say that there are quite some talks that actually wasted my time, some others are very insightful or educative. Just be sure to pick a subject that you like and hope that the speaker tells it in a nice way :P

I love TEDTalks, I watch all of them that come out just because I have the app on my phone :P

My absolute favorite is Louie Schwartzberg: Nature. Beauty. Graditude. Its just inspriatiponal and completely beautiful.

Ted talks are awesome, Im quite into physics so i look up quite a lot of those. There was one i watched a while back on how humans could have been aquatic apes, i found that quite interesting (if a bit controversial, since humans have one of the lowest breath hold times of all mammals). I watched  one recently on how to schooling sytem could be improved by teaching students primarily what they were naturaly good at, that was quite interesting.