Techradar - "It's time we stopped getting angry about our internet speeds"

The best thing to do here is read the article here first.

To give you the gist the writer is basically saying 'being and ISP is hard, give them a break. It's not their fault you don't get the speed they advertised'. I'm hoping it's more of a joke or devil's advocate piece, but I don't think it is. I think the writer genuinely believes what he is writing, or has been paid a lot of money to write it.

Anyway, go and read this pile of horse**** and come back and tell me your thoughts.

I think it´s meant to be snarky... "How about the ISPs hit their speed target promises if connections cost three times as much per month?"
Pretty sure it´s not a serious piece.

Here's another golden nugget of reporting from the same author. This<- apparently states that we don't need more anonymity on the internet. Here's another one for your amusement ->Samsung TV. If you can recall when Wendell and Logan discussed this, if I remember correctly. I trust very few reporters presently, I mainly follow Teksyndicate, Ars and Vice. I still take everything with a hint of skepticism, if not only to gain a better and more personal perspective. Ars can be click-bait heaven at times (especially as of recent) and I don't agree with all of the reporting, but it provides 2-3 interesting articles for me to read. Vice is pretty bad-ass and does crazy stuff that I haven't seen other reporters do, for example: breaking into North Korea, getting kidnapped by pro-Russians in Ukraine and letting a full grown lion just lay on top of you while it's untrained owner is trying to calm it down and extract you.