Tech tools

Hi all,

I've been wondering what tool kits you all use to repair desktops/laptops and mobile devices. i've been looking to get a tool kit already assembled. Perhaps any of you could recommend a good quality one mid price range.

ifixit, do not own one but would like too. Use WANSHOW02 for discount or something. Wish tek syndicate had one...

Most desktops just need a Phillips screwdriver, maybe some OEM vendors you need smaller bits, flats or even hex bits. Magnetic tips our your friend.

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Years back I bought a couple pre-bundled pc repair kits. They were fine, but not the greatest quality. Few of the pieces broke on me, and some never worked very well. So since then, I've just compiled tools from reliable brands and keep it in a tool bag. Screw driver set (both standard and precision), a small ratchet set, a few star drivers/bits, an Alan wrench/hex key set, needle nose pliers/wire cutters etc. You can also throw in a crimper, wire strpper, PSU tester, tweezers and whatever else you feel you'll need. Just stick to quality brands, and you'll be good to go.