Tech support request [Fixed]

I can connect to a network, I can ping a website. But when I try to go to a website it won't load. I don't get any errors I don't get the "can not connect to webpage" page I have tried IE and Firefox. It doesn't even seem to try to load a webpage. It does the same thing whether it's connected to wifi or eathernet.

Edit: All other devices work fine on this network.

check your dns settings, if you are in the states googles ones are fine.
open cmd and enter nslookup, then enter, if you dont get an ip address out of it then use server if you can then get an ip from nslookup then your dns server is down. change it in the ipv4 settings of your interface. hope this helps

Thank you so much for a reply. But Malware Bytes fixed it for me a few days ago.

dem browser hijackers