"Tech Support" phone scammers

Seeing this thread stickied on another forum (http://www.geekzone.co.nz/forums.asp?forumid=50&topicid=66095&page_no=1) it reminds me, had you guys ever encounted these idiots before?

For me, it as twice. 1st time I took a shortcut. Instead of leaving them up for minutes, I told them, "I don't have a computer." Then they hung up on me and I just carried on what I was doing and smugged.

2nd time, while I was in some personal issues, the same scammer called me up and I was like, "Fuck off you dipshit", and this time I hung up.


So I'll leave myself aside and let you guys share your experience

Whos stupid enough to let people control their PC from a unknown place, I let Symantec access my PC when I was having issues but that was because I called them up.

I know I'm bumping a thread here, but I've had a similar outfit call me from "Microsoft Tech Support London" saying that there's a security issue in Windows and my CPU would melt if I didn't let them fix it. I decided to play along until they wanted me to let them acces my PC using teamviewer, at that point I basically told them that they were full of it and should stop scamming other people. Obviously the scammer denied these accusations and said my CPU would melt. I then told him it was overclocked to 4.8GHz and said "so be it if it melts" and then hung up.