Tech Support: Memory Issue

I’ll try to be clear and concise without being excessively descriptive with the problem. This build is about 2 months old and it has been up and running without issues with Ubuntu installed.

Description of my new build:

Asus b550 Pro art motherboard.
Ryzen 9 3900x CPU.
G skill Trident z neo ddr4 32 gigs 4x8 gb.
AMD radeon Pro w5700.

It appears that there’s an issue with the B2 dimm slot. I have alternated each 8 gig memory stick and booted the system with 8 gigs at a time to diagnose if there was an issue with one of the memory modules. All four 8 gig memory modules work fine booting the system one at a time, the issue comes up when I add another memory stick in the B2 slot and boot I get the orange dram light. I have gone and looked in the bios to see if I could find any type of issue and cannot find anything that might leave me to believe that there’s something going on in the bios.

I’ve done a bios update to the 2423 version and that did not solve the problem.

I have also pillaged through the Asus support website and I can’t seem to find anything to help me out with my problem.

Is there anything you can add to help me try to diagnose the problem or do you think that there is a problem with the B2 dimm slot on the motherboard? What’s my next step before I ship this board off to ASUS?

Thank you in advance for your feedback.

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sounds like you’ve troubleshooted down to the MB.

If it’s still in the RMA period, then do so. otherwise you are SOL and have to replace it.

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You may find yourself in potential trouble if your particular memory kit is not within the QVL list in the Asus Motherboard’s Support page. Asus will try to tell you its your fault for not consulting the Memory Support list so before you RMA it, make sure you have the particular part number is supported.


Thank you for your feedback. However the memory that I purchased was from the Asus QVL list. I also have documentation of the memory purchase as well as photos of the memory modules running on the ProArt motherboard.

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What you maybe could try is just to re-seat the CPU I don’t think that’s it, but a try worth.

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That is a good suggestion. From the time when I first made this post it became evident that I was going to have to RMA this motherboard and I can’t have my system down for an indefinite amount of time, so I went ahead and ordered a Gigabyte Vision D-p. The Vision D-P is comparable in it’s specifications to the Pro Art Creator. While I’m taking this apart and putting it all on the new motherboard I’ll go ahead and try reseating the CPU and trying again to see if that solves the memory problem, but I think you’re right I don’t think it has anything to do with the CPU.

I do have a question about the memory settings in the bios. A couple of months ago when I bought this build and got it all set up I noticed that the default settings in the bios for the memory was 2133 MHz. I attempted on a couple of occasions to adjust it to the memory speed of the Trident z neo to 3600 MHz but the BIOS wouldn’t take it so I just left well enough alone and worked on some other things. However in the last couple of days when I updated the BIOS using flashback and went in I was able to change the memory speed from the 2133 up to 3600 and I’m curious as to whether you guys think that change in the speed had something to do with the failure of the dimm slot. What do you say?

You have tried to reset to the BIOS’ default values, right?

It can be due to the failure of the DIMM slot, as the memory controller isn’t stressed as hard if there are less DIMMs. It could also be due to a BIOS update.

Also check GSkills QVL list [they have pretty expansive listing to each mfr.]
Has this B2 failure come out in recent days, or has it been a lingering nuisance?

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