Tech review help please

So I want to start doing tech reviews. For the first few videos i already have some roccat products that I just need to bitch and prase about. buti only have stuff for like four videos (2 if you dont count driver reviews).

So what i need help with is how can i git suport from manufactuers or just other sourses to git some products. and let me say some thing th only reason im trying to hore my self out is becouse i have no money to just go out and pull products off the shelf and test them and review them like i want to. ( that way i dont git some hardwere thats been guttseyed up to make th rst look better than they are)

So can some one point me to the right path?



Well for starters better grammar may help xD.  But really, companies don't let people review their products until they see that the person is some-what well known and does a solid job on reviews. Other than that you just need to be patient and keep on trying

yeah i have dyslexia. so thats really hard for me. but i do my best to improve that as much as i can.

Like i think i said im going to be going over some roccat merch. doing both hardware and software. then after that just what ever i can buy and just git my hands on.

also I might do a build video as well. my friend is having me help out on his computer, seeing as how he knows verey little of our beloved culter

Gotta work with what you currently have! I have a blog where I review stuff. I'd love to review more hardware, but since I can't afford to buy any hardware I want, I mostly do game reviews and Android related stuff.