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Tech Puzzle suprise holiday gift

Hi Guys,

In The Netherlands we got this tradition of Sinterklaas.
Its a lot like Christmas but a bit different.

We do a pull for someone at the office/school/home en we make a gift for him/her containing a present. Like we make a doll out of paper and put a gift inside.

My family does this a bit different however…
Each year when we celebrate Sinterklaas we give each other some puzzles to complete before we open up our presents.

This year I pulled my sister, and since she has started at the university this year for data science, I think it would be fun to give her some Linux puzzles.

I toughed maybe I should make a Portable linux installation on a pendrive and hide some sort of puzzle on it.

Do you guys have any ideas or know a quick way to make these sorts of puzzles?

Sounds interesting. What kind of puzzles are we talking about?

How about an ARG style puzzle?
I liked hiding text inside meta data or file openning of PNG or JPG files, most browsers will display them properly after that.

You can also use other kinds of information, like converting ascii to binary or hex, Caesar ciphers work too.

EDIT: You can play with contrast and add the text to the image directly too!

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So your are suggesting steganography?

Some sort of game or hidden message. If completed displaying to location of the present. Like a hidden word puzzle but then with tech. Like maybe hidden .txt files in a CLI interface where she needs to navigate to with a cheat sheet of course.

I have the perfect tech puzzle. Make a 386 machine but pull out allxthe jumpers, then have the only manual be in russian.

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