Tech illiterates on Youtube

I've seen various videos of kids trying to be knowledgeful but one of the many things that they didn't know is that they're being trolled at due to their biased information. Otherwise they could just be trolls.

Here's one video, as in one example (Warning, this could make you "rage"):


There're more videos from this kid, so have fun!

If you can find any, feel free to post them here! I'm still trying to find those that I've found previously but lost them in the crowd.


Hope that doesn't get too repetetive.

My God, just..... I can't even....... has he ever wondered WHY SO MANY PEOPLE AREN'T VIEWING GOOGLE?!? In just one second, a million more people are on Google than there are disliking his video......

watch some heatlesssun videos and try not to rage

I think my fucking brain just started hemorrhaging from rage

This is a good troll

While we're at it, I'm trying to find that video where that kid was building a PC and did an extremely shit job at it. If anyone can find it, post it here, thanks.


those are a dime a dozen lol, try to narrow it down

A group of people circlejerking over videos by people uneducated about I.T?

Maximum Elitism Engaged.

really? how about the elitism in said videos? personally i'm just sticking around for the satire. only entertainment we got lately.

I just really wanted to use the Crysis reference. :p

If you want a good laugh heres a video for you

1) A Rock Band microphone sounds better than whatever he is using.

2) First and second things to look at are storage and RAM? I'm new to computer stuff, relatively, and even I know that's stupid.

3) Did he say that the processor speed was equivalent to 5.06GHz!? Ha... Hahaha... haaa!

4) "The video card is pretty good, it's an Intel HD." Enough said.

5) Apple prices = roflcopter

6) "Twice as better?" Dear lord, the English major in me is dying.

7) At least he came to the proper conclusion.

Sadly enough, a lot of these videos are better than that one kid trying to show people how to add more RAM with the command prompt or double your bandwidth by wrapping a Cat5 cable around another.

We should make response videos explaining what trace route really does.

and that dumb ass that says to wrap a cat cable around another one to double your internet speed, I want to hunt him down and beat him with his own computer.

i'm not 100% sure it's bullshit. it's possible it reduces the interference, but probably is BS

Every time I see that kind of stuff I think of this guy. The video itself shows that he is wrong but the guy applying the paste is serious. Its from a newegg video sometime ago, I hope they didnt show that to people.

This might or might not be what you're talking about, my favorite part is the thermal paste.

Yeah, that'll be a new discovery that you made. But there's another one who's alot worser than this kid; very bad cable management, displacement of the fan speed controller and showing the CD Key in the video.


 [color=green]Fixed the link for you.[/color]

I did see Paul from Newegg use the plastic bag over the finger and spread the paste all over the CPU. Now that would be a lovely mess to clean up.