Tech Help Please! ATI Display and Audio Drivers Not Installing

OK, so this is my first post here, so hi everyone :)

I did a quick look in the searchbar, and also Googled it but I can't find a solution. I recently bought a Radeon 7890 to replace my 4890. However, I'm having trouble installing the drivers.

I have gone into Safe Mode and uninstalled all ATI software, then uninstalled the card in Device Manager, manually deleted remaining folders and then used bth DriverSweeper and Driver Fusion to mop up the rest. However, when I put in my new card and the Standard VGA driver installs automatically, my progress stops there. I have made sure I have the right driver and I downloaded it and ran the installer, unfortunately the report at the end says the audio and display drivers failed to install. I then tried installing them seperately using the custom install but to no avail.

I finally went to Device Manager to manually install the drivers and I get the following message, "Windows found driver software for your device but encountered an error while attempting to install it." and then underneath, "The specified procedure could not be found."


I have written out a ticket for AMD support, but they're taking their time getting back to me, so any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.

It would be helpful to have the error reports... without that, all I can suggest is download the latest, make sure it's the correct driver, and re-install.

Where did you get a 7890 from ?