Teamspeak 3 Server and Port Forwarding Issues

Just as I think I got it, I now have connection issues. I can connect to my TS3 server on the LAN but not from the outside of the network. I am attempting to setup my Team Speak 3 server so I can chat with people without having to use the in-game chat system, more so because of idiots who can't keep their mouths shut. I have followed the instructions specifically as they said. The problem is, the ports are not reading as open based on different sites.

ISP: Bright House Networks
Modem: Arris TG1672 Touchstone Telephony Gateway (running in Bridged Mode)
Router: PFSense 2.2.6
Server: Dell Dimension XPS Gen 4 running Windows Server Standard R2

Screen Shots of config

Note: The menu does not give me a WAN IP Address

I might be mistaken (I've never used this router before), but usually for these types of rules to work from an external network you need to put them in the WAN tab.

uhm no it just means that it accepts all outside connections and ports.

As for the OP it helps if you open the ports on the WAN tab and not the LAN tab ;) As the LAN tab is already DMZed on both IPv4 and IPv6. PFsense rules goes top down so both LAN NET entries superseed the rest already.

I swear that's exactly what I said.