Team Vulcan RAM

Anyone have experience with Team Vulcan?

I am basically looking to go with an orange and black type theme for my rig.

Zotac GTX 980-

Gigabyte GA-Z97X-SOC mobo-

NZXT H440 black/orange-

Team Vulcan RAM-


I am open to ideas! I haven't been able to find anything else really to match from the top brands. How do you think just an all black ram would look?



The name of the manufacturer is Team Group, and the 2x8 GB 2133 MHz Vulcan memory just  happens to be what's in my own system. (four sticks at their rated speed)  Team Group seems to be making a lot of fast memory at reasonable prices. I've mostly built with their blue 1600 MHz sticks, and 1600 is fast enough for anything. At the time I bought the Vulcan's they were almost the same price though.