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Teaching tech at a new school


Bit of a rant, but also wanting to hear what other’s experiences have been so I know if I’m in a weird situation or not.

I’m teaching tech and some business classes at my local community college now. They haven’t had an instructor for these classes in a while, and part of my job has been to figure out what resources we have, what we’re licensed for, and what we need. Currently in a back-and-forth with my (most) direct supervisor about whether a collection of digital class materials we have are ours or from an expired agreement with the provider. I’ve reached out to the provider for clarification, so that should answer that question…

What I’m wondering is, do all instructors and/or professors manage their own resources, or do other schools have departments that take care of that? I would think either a lawyer-librarian hybrid would be best suited for the task, as there seems to be so much nuance with textbooks and learning tool access and licensing… Anyone out there have experience in a school environment?