Teach Me Obi Wan! (Updating Firmware and Bios)

Okay. Slightly venting here, slightly asking for sincere help. I am a Linux “Nooooooob” but not completely lost.

I have a machine running proxmox, I am trying to update the baremetal (Bios, Firmware etc). Its an HP machine and that could be part of my issue. But I am struggling with basic updates. Even a simple bios update. I am embarrassed to admit that I have found it faster to slap in a Spare SSD with windows on it, complete the bios update, yank the drive and move on with my life… I know, i feel the shame already… But my bios is updated.

This cant be the answer, so what plain english guide can I read on how to get this done without pulling my hair out. (Shout to Ryan, he knows that its entirely too hard to install somethings on Linux) lol…

Most modern motherboards (including the newer HP’s) are capable of upgrading the BIOS from a USB flash drive. Typically you either enter BIOS and choose the upgrade option or there is an f-key you hit before the OS boots.

Scroll a little over half way down to the section titled “Update the BIOS with a USB flash drive”

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First of all, I really appreciate the reply. However this is one of the very first things I tried.

The article says essentially download the file, click through and you will get prompted to install on the USB. Never happens for me.

Im not computer janitor like some of the other pros around here, but this is way too hard for such a simple task. I see nothing useful in HP documentation about how to make the bootable bios flashdrive. It drives me nuts.

Replying to myself simply because I was able to write a windows image to a SSD, boot, update bios and firmware, and boot back into ProxMox.

I see nothing wrong with this. Its not like you are frequently updating your BIOS. I dont think it is recommended updating BIOS every new release, particularly if it doesnt have security patches, or it doesnt fix anything broken or doesnt have significant performance improvements.

I dont think anyone will judge you for this. Its just something you need to do and if Windows is the unfortunate best tool, then so be it.

There isn’t a universal tool for updating the BIOS of every motherboard out there, it’s 100% up to the manufacturer’s provided tools for each individual product.

Sounds like you found the answer to me :+1:

EDIT - Technically, you could consider a standalone EEPROM programmer a universal solution, but I wouldn’t recommend going that route haha

It can be as simple as BIOS - lathama or on many systems flashrom works. PC Engines - lathama using flashrom is surprisingly safe as it does many checks before writing. As always Arch Linux has a page on all the bits and bobs at Flashing BIOS from Linux - ArchWiki

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