Tea only

Man I love Tea, I don't drink coffee at all. I like how coffee beans and coffee smells but I just don't like drinking it.

Well good thing I lived in Hong Kong where I can enjoy Tea drinks almost everywhere.

Tea drinks that I love. 

Jasmine Tea is the best for me when having Dim Sum

Pu'Er Tea is a bit stronger but mellow (Older folks seems to like this more)

Chinese and Japanese Green Tea

Hong Kong Milk Tea is just the Best.

Hong Kong Lemon Tea too, second after the Milk Tea

Iced cold Honey Green Tea is awesome for chilling around. (you guys should try it).

So tea.

I approve of this message!

I will give these a try

Being British I love tea. I average over 10 cups a day of Yorkshire Tea. When I want to feel a bit healthier, I move to green tea.

Do it. It's not that hard anyway. 

PG Tips all the way! I drink about 8 cups a day of the stuff (yes I'm British)

I am an equal opportunity caffeine consumer.

I rock both coffee and tea, depends on my mood. We have a local tea shop that has an amazing Moroccan mint tea that I drink and my wife has her own custom blend. (No I am not British)

White Tea. :) Very light and refreshing

I drink both coffee and tea, but chai tea is one of my legit favorite things in the whole world.

I love coffee, but I drink tea too. And when I drink tea, Earl Grey, hot.

Yorkshire Tea all the way with me, the plant was extracted from Zeus private garden, thats why atlas had to hold up the world, he just stole fire to brew the tea!

I only drink water, milk, and tea. VERY RARELY will I drink coffee if I need that sudden boost (and when I saw rarely I mean maybe once or twice a tear)


As far as tea goes I prefer black chai tea with cinnamon and caramel. It's a bit strange but I like it.

I love tea as well. I started drinking tea as a way to ween myself off an addiction to unhealthy sodas and expensive fruit juices. I also love the smell of coffee but hate drinking it.

I like all kinds of tea, from black, green, oolong to herbal teas. But being an American southerner, my favorite tea is black tea brewed super strong slightly sweetened with a little honey or sugar and served chilled.

It may sound weird but I generally prefer all my teas served chilled or at room temperature, even ones normally served hot. I find like good cheese, a tea's subtle flavors are much more pronounced at room temperature or slightly cooler.

I recently switched from coffee to tea, I usually have a couple cups of black in the morning then either green, white or oolong later in the day.  Always sweetened with honey.

PG Tips,
Brewed for 5 minutes minimum,
A generous application of milk,
At least 5-6 sugars,

Tea to the MAX! Every day...


Pu-erh is pretty good.  Local farmers market sells it for almost nothing.  Brick tea is the way to go.

Lipton cause 'Merica 

My favorite has to be black tea, especially with cherry aroma. I love my  green tea pure, without additional flavors. Rooibos with lemon is fine, too. White tea fine in almost every variation.

I went from drinking only tea to coffee about 10 years ago and only over the last few months I have moved back to tea. I miss coffee a bit bit tea I think it better overall. That being said I am trying to cut the tea down to 1 cup a day - I worry about the staining of my teeth coupled up with my love of red wine


I feel so less left out, I bought a Electric Kettle for my desk at work because everyone drinks coffee, and microwaving water sucks. I am in America so Coffee beats Tea here.

Been Watching The Tek for a while glad this was the first post I read in the forums. I FEEL SO AT HOME!!!