Tattoos and Tek

Hello everyone,

So I'm currently in college working on my bachelors in computer science and I'm wondering how people in the tech industry feel about visible tattoos. I'm thinking about getting one on my forearm but I don't want to wear long sleeves for the rest of my career. I understand that different companies may feel differently but I'm wondering what some of your guy's experiences are and if you all think it would be a good idea to go ahead with the forearm tattoo or wait till I start working.




Well yeah i think there are alot of company´s that will have problems with viewable tattoo´s  Especialy if you have contact with alot of people, during your day time job. I think that most company´s will ask you to cover them, so that means that you have to wear long sleeves, however, i dont know what your current age is, but its maybe better to wait, till you have a found you a job. you can allways make those things discussable, with your manager till that time.

But offcourse you could also take a tattoo, on a diffrent place. I personaly realy like tattoo´s. And i gonne take one wenn im 18. But i will set on a place that is hide-able.

I think that the main thing for you to consider is what you want to do for work, and where you would like to do it. Try and factor in advancement possibilities for the future--most productivity software CEO's don't show off their ink, while it is significantly less of an issue in the gaming industry, where being 'artistic' is openly accepted and promoted. If the tattoo means a lot to you, and you can't wait any longer to get it, maybe decide on having it placed in a less-visible area of your body like your shoulder or back. Life is a series of choices, and while people may say ink isn't an issue for hiring--it is still factored into the hiring process sometimes. :)

I totally agree with meatloaf. During my third year of college I decided to get a tattoo of a gnu's head (representing the OS) on my shoulder, and I've been glad that I didn't have it on an exposed part of my body. If it had been, I wouldn't have been eligible for a number of low-wage service jobs that, without enduring, I wouldn't have gotten by financially.


 just follow the ideals of yakuza tattooing where you only tattoo the areas that are covered up with normal clothing.

loin cloth is mandatory