Task Scheduler being dumb

I’m not sure if “* . *” is valid. Try using just *
The variable is %AppDataDir% for the user’s AppData folder formatted like below.


And change the action to “Update”

Edit again: Just noticed it was hiding the double \ in source. Had to add preformat text option show it in this post. Sorry

Well, I made a change to the GPO. I linked it to the Testing OU where the PC resides and added Authenticated Users to the Security Filtering. Ran GPUPDATE and got that … sooo maybe?

It’s valid according to the syntax on a MS doc site, but another site I just found says that a singular * is correct. I’ll try it and see what happens. Also, I changed the destination back to not having the " .\ ", I saw that in someone else’s syntax and figured I’d try it.

Make sure you didn’t skim over %AppDataDir%. %appdata% will not work. Distinctly remember beating my head up against the wall for a half a day over it once


Damn got so excited I (edited to add knocked my) mouse off the desk. Lmao.

Thanks a heaps 404, I really appreciate it.

You’re very welcome :upside_down_face: