Targets available to HOIC and LOIC

Are HOIC and LOIC only able to target and kill things like servers, routers and such, or can it atttack indivisual PCs? Thanks in advance.

It's all a matter of what you point it at.

So I can put in the IP of my old Compaq and kill only the laptop without killling the whole network?

Well, I don't see what you'd be doing by pointing it at your laptop. All HOIC or LOIC do is spam the network, so you'd just be filling up your network with useless bandwidth.

I'm just trying to potentially slow down the laptop

Any suggestions? And I don't mind anything that's CPU intensive, as long as my 3770 can handle it

It wouldn't slow the laptop down, but it would slow you down. Look elsewhere; HOIC/LOIC are not for your needs.

You said you wanted to slow down the laptop. What exactly do you mean by that?

As in, like make the laptop slideshow everything and just make the experience unpleasent

easiest way to kill your laptop 3rd party is to arp poison(arp storm) the network then nullroute/blackhole/reject the laptop's traffic from the machine forwarding it's packets. this essentially tricks the laptop into thinking your machine is a router but you're not routing it's packets, sort of a destination host unreachable problem. this style attack only works if the two machines are on the same lan and share the same gateway/router.