Target has $20 steam gift cards for $18 and $50 for $45

I know this should technically be in pc gaming, but I figured it would get more views here. Its like the ceo of target told GabeN there was no way to make pc gaming cheaper and Gaben was all "You shut your dirty whore mouth! Give them money off of MONEY!"  and then they did this. I got the $18 one because I didn't know about the $45 one. 

Cool, if you live less than $2 away from a target (meaning gas or public transpo costs), or if you're in the area anyway.  Otherwise it kinda defeats the purpose lol.

Not just $2 but 10% of however much they plan to buy. Admittedly I only got it because the best buy about 80 yards away had the smash brothers demo the same day and me and my friends went there.

there's a store near me that sells these steam gift cards at a MARK UP!! i.e. you pay $55 for $50.

i think they target people who don't want to expose their credit cards to the internets... and teenagers who have maxed out their parent's cards.