Tarantula Vs. Lycosa

Which one should I go for I like the look of both of them and both have good reviews, but the tarantula is bigger and costs more. Which one should I pick?

Tarantula: http://www.razerzone.com/p-5-the-razer-tarantula-gaming-keyboard.aspx

Lycosa: http://www.razerzone.com/p-87-razer-lycosa-gaming-keyboard.aspx

tarantula has the macro keys go with that

Why razer?


Me myself wants the Saitek Cyborg keyboard.... I love those-. green lights...

I havnt heard of the Saitek Cyborg but I checked its price and its more expensive than both the tarantula and lycosa in the UK

Madman, the entire lycosa keyboard can be a macro....Lol. And the keys light up. The only con about the lycosa is that when the backlight is off, the keys are nearly invisible, but shouldn't matter if you're an avid typer. Pros are the rubber finish, which make the keys have a much more comfortable feel, the backlight which helps with gaming at night, and the functionality with the entire keyboard being able to be a macro. Con's would be that the keys are invisible when the lights, and that it's a fingerprint magnet. The Tarantula...I honestly don't know much about, so I can't help you there.

k looks like ill be going with the lycosa then and I just measured my desk to see if the tarantula would fit and it is too long so the lycosa wins

Tarantula all the way the keyboard makes you find ways to use the macros, in turn making you a more creative person. Too bad it doesn't come in red.

lycosa, tarantula sucks. end of story.

i actually played a game with it at microcenter, and i absolutely did not like it one bit. the lycosa looks nice though with it's sexy looks and rubber key finish.. i'd give that a shot.

go try them, the lycosa has a more laptop keyboard feel where as the tarantula is more like a normal keyboard, not at all soft but not all clicky at the same time.

the backlight on the lycosa also sucks so dont buy it because of that, if you want good backlighting consider the g15

all in all though its a matter of what feels best to you.

lol i have the g11 and i'm happy with this..