Tape backups

What do you guys recommend as far as commercial tape backups? What LTO should I choose? 


sorry I can't help  .... People are still using tape drive????

Last year the guys mentioned some tape drive that was some ridiculous size like 200TB .... on a tape drive???  It was so large I thought that they spliced all the remaining tape together ... like the worlds biggest ball of twine. or some thing.

they are slow and linear ... how many decades would it take to do a 400,000,000TB  tape backup of the NSA data base??      lol

well depending on the size of your backups and how much time you have to complete these backups. Are they nightly? Is it a growing business? You may want to move everything to say a USB3 External Harddrive. As for a "recommended tape drive" I don't think anyone can recommend one anymore.

I'm not going to repeat myself, but here https://teksyndicate.com/forum/inboxexe/tape-media/173122

I've already discussed tape media.

data center I'm at has 2 tape Scalers and backed up daily.

sorry I can't help .... People are still using tape drive????

Tapes have some great advantages still

According to storage analysts, tape is less expensive than disk in many applications. David Reine of Clipper Group found that LTO-5 tape costs up to 15x less than SATA disk for long-term archiving of large quantities of data. Enterprise Strategy Group (ESG) research points to tape costing up to five times less than VTL with deduplication for backup. And Fred Moore of Horison Information Strategies stated that a single administrator on average can manage up to 100 terabytes of disk data or up to multiple petabytes of data on tape.