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Tampa teen arrested in connection with July 15th Twitter hack

A teenager in Tampa, FL has been arrested as the alleged “mastermind” behind the July 15th Twitter hack that targeted high-profile accounts

Tampa TV station News Channel 8 obtained exclusive information about the arrest of he 17-year-old who is unnamed at this time because he is under the
age of 18.

State Attorney Andrew Warren of Hillsborough County filed 30 felony charges against the teen this week for “scamming people across America”

in connection with the July 15th Twitter hack. The charges include 1 count of organized fraud, 17 counts of communications fraud, 1 count of fraudulent use of personal information and 1 count of access to computer or electronic device without authority.

The suspect was found after the FBI and U.S. Department of Justice conducted a “complex, nationwide investigation” according to the Florida State Attorney’s office.

Got a source for this?


he’ll be slapped on the wrist and likely hired by one of the firms he has hacked and put under an NDA.

They found a fall guy kid from the cs department to take the heat? I bet they don’t even pay him off first…

As in I think it was a social engineering to get admin, then went from there.


So they read 4chan?

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If convicted, it is currently unclear what his punishment may be.


Huh, Alledgedly the feds seizes $700,000 of the kids cash in April, before he “masterminded” the twitter thing


Does some facebook and instagram research on Twitter employees, finds the one who’s password is “password”


I’m more interested in why they confiscated his bitcoin. This twitter thing doesn’t seem like a very smart move from a “genius.” Railroad…

Huh. Love how $700,000 is the footnote to this… what does it say, $100,000 scam? There’s got to be a much better story here.


That’s what seems way more interesting to me.

Like, seriously, how tf does a kid get 700k, and can I get in on that? I just want to stop working for shit companies.


Yeah, the post hints at a much more profitable scam months before this twitter thing.

He probably someone did something that he couldn’t get charged as an adult for, so now they’re hanging this on him for that reason.

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what would be your move if you had that kind of access ? for 24hours.

“Asking for a friend”

Read DMs between Elon and Joe Rogan


I’d imagine there would be some crazy shit in there.

Hey man, I just found this new DMT, it’s fucking amazing

Come on, the SEC didn’t like it when I smoked on your podcast, you think they’ll be okay with DMT?!

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wonder which vpn he used coz NOT BUYING THAT 1 :smiley:


Oh, look, the New York Times says you called it.

At 15, he joined an online hackers’ forum. By 16, he had gravitated to the world of Bitcoin, appearing to involve himself in a theft of $856,000 of the cryptocurrency, though he was never charged for it, social media and legal records show. On Instagram posts afterward, he showed up with designer sneakers and a bling-encrusted Rolex.

So if I’m reading this right, he was showing off fat stacks on social media, and that’s how he got caught on the earlier shit?

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Or you witnessed the government confiscate someone’s property with no crime. Technically, do they even recognize Crypto? If so, why didn’t the IRS smash him?