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Taking the dive into Linux, any advice before I jump?


Whoohoo… lucky me haha.


Advice 1: Stay the fuck away from Mint.

Advice 2: Don’t weeb over desktop environments just choose one, learn everything, then try something new till you’re out of available options.

Advice 3: Don’t distrohop. Ever. I advise you learn your distro of choice peice by peice. Don’t worry about init, or building code, or any other BS.

Advice 4: Ask questions. A lot. But don’t ask for a walk through. The last thing I want to see in my IRC channels that I frequent is someone asking for everything to be done for them. They never learn anything, break via updates, and then go back to windows. Ask questions like “What is a makefile supposed to do?” “What drivers do I use for my GPU?” “Where do I read about things?” etc.

Advice 5: Read the archwiki, manpages, and DE Documentation.

Advice 6: Never ask lounge.


Ubuntu Mate works really well OOTB. That’s what I put on my desktop just the other day.


Hey @tkoham so I found my original disc install. So my mac is early 2009 intel core 2 duo. I am currently running osx 10.6. Does that change anything?


nope, if the install isn’t working ootb it means you have one of the weird uefi models.


Advice 7: Ask Aremis to help you install Linux on your 2009 year Mac.



That info on Linux distros looks neat. Fancy how I moved my way down the ladder to Arch (vanilla) and don’t really wanna leave the distro.

My recommendation for @Kyptnc7 :
Well obviously get a different computer next time you need one. Macs are just not what they used to be. The first computer I ever used was a PowerPC and it was a good experience but that was also forever ago.

Anyways pick a distro and stick with it until you’re ready to move on (if you decide to do so.) I made my way from Ubuntu to Arch and learned a whole lot. In most cases, I think staying somewhere around Solus and Fedora area will work for most users, so I’d focus on getting there.

Good luck with propietary mac crapware and I feel bad this had to be your first Linux experience, it usually runs with 0 problems on almost anything and with little to no tedious work involved.


1999 year*

But uh yeah, just moke the usb and plug it in and itboots (wao so hards)


But OP can’t get it to install.

He has a 32 bit hybrid uefi


Oh, theres a script to rebuild iso’s for that. Theres also mac specific iso’s.




@Aremis thanks for the info any chance you would mind pointing me in the right direction to do that, for my rock of a machine?

So now that I’ve reinstalled my Mac OS 10.6 I can’t update anything and safari doesn’t work worth shite. Also does anyone know where I can find info on how rEFInd works?

One more thing, With the rEFInd can I download it from a Windows pc and then use it on my Mac?


refind is a bootloader, doesn’t matter where you download it, once it’s installed it’ll work


If I get rEFInd and get that installed wouldn’t that fix the boot issue and I would be good to go?


Don’t use refind use refit. Refind is beutter for normal PC’s.


And it has the script with how to change siso’s to 32bit boot bit switching. ALso just has ISO’s listed.

And I’d recommend using refit from a CD and holding down the C key at boot.


No. The 32bit EFI is there forever you just have to deal with it. It was meant as a security feature or some stupid BS but no one wanted to work with it.


refit stopped being actively developed a decade ago; refind works just fine.


Okay, so which one do I need to use for my early 2009 intel core 2 duo?


refind. No one should be using refit, it’s abandoned code.


Oh no not a bootloader that loads off a cd on a machine that never updates its efi! How horrible!