Taking the dive into Linux, any advice before I jump?

Hello one and all! I am finally thinking of jumping into installing Linux (Elementary OS) on my iMac. So I was wondering if there is any advice this great community would be able to send my way before I take the plunge. I am a huge Newb when it comes to computers which is why I got a Macintosh.
They’re somewhat user friendly, pretty easy to learn the basics and I grew up with Mac.
Now with how they force update and forcibly slow down your computer and such (not sure if its conspiracy or not) but I’ve had enough and found Linux. I love the idea, and so far watching Leveonetech vids on youtube has helped me decide to do this. I’m pretty nervous about the whole thing. So any help/advice will be greatly appreciated.

Lots of googling :slight_smile: but hit tools and set the date to the last year. There is a lot of info out there and it can date.

Elementary is a solid OS.

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Don’t forget to enter the ‘one year Linux challenge’ thread.

And welcome to the community!


Elementary os is a nice looking and easy to use distro, you’ll be in good hands.

Thanks guys, I’ll be installing pretty much right now :slight_smile: wish me luck

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Good luck bro.

relevant if you’re having trouble choosing a distro:


@tkoham Thanks for info.

So, I installed Elementary on my hard drive, but it wont boot up into it. I can only use my bootable usb. Did I mess up some how? How do I get it to boot on the hard drive. Again I’m super new to everything. right now I’m using the USB…

does the install fail? is your system set up to boot in uefi or legacy mode? did you disable secure boot?

I have no idea, all I did was boot to the USB and hit install. I think I might have messed up.

make sure you disable secure boot in the bios/uefi, and make sure “install bootloader” is checked in the last stage of the install.

So when I’m in the USB install what exactly am I looking for? I will look for the “install bootloader” this time

varies from distro to distro.

I’m trying to install Elementary OS. I tried the install again and it doesn’t show a install bootloader

and you’ve disabled secure boot?

what error do you get on boot?

I don’t know how to disable secure boot, didn’t know I needed to. All I get on boot is a Folder with a question mark in the middle and it flashes

oh, you’re installing on a mac

what model?

IIRC some imacs have weird UEFI shit

its the iMac late 2007ish

yeah, last I checked that’s a model that has a 32 bit hybrid UEFI, definitely going to make things difficult for you.

wrote this ages ago, might help.

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Holy Mother of mercy… Also thank you a ton for that. That is all the kinda stuff thats made me hate apple, is part of why I want to do this so bad. WOW, that is process is nuts. Now I only need to find that OSX install disc… this will be another adventure.

their newer hardware works fine, you just got an unlucky year.