Taking over a console!

I have been searching all over, is it possible to take over a minecraft server that is paid by a hoster, a while ago somone stole my console and I know his server, I want revenge!



Learning network security just to do damage will just land you in loads of trouble.

Firstly, WHAT???

a while ago somone stole my console

As in a physical games console or the minecraft server terminal?

If something has been physically stolen from you, you should report it as theft to the police and deal with it through other means.

If someone has hijacked the console of your minecraft server and someone hosts it for you, get in contact with them.

If you literally mean you which to hijack another persons server because of something they did to you. Deal with this like normal people and just talk to them. No need to resort to something so petty.


I thougt this post was going to be about rooting an xbone or ps4


a while ago somone stole my console and I know his server

how ? are you sure the person who took over your server isn't just using sombody else as a scape goat.

Also revenge is for brainless morons, civilized people sue each other, and force culprits to pay for damages.

why dont you just key his car, egg his house, fuck his mom like a normal person?

This guy^

Because if he were a normal person, he would have hired a secret service squad to guard his Xbox in the first place.

I mean thats what I did, I sold my Xbox to my sister along with the secret service agent squad for $200 and built a pc and got malware bytes

just let it bee.