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With the price difference compared to the 580 8GB, I don´t feel like the 70€ are worth it.

Will be tough when I go shoping to equip the secondary rig.

Very well done video.
And you can game on iGPUs, look at the 2200G and 2400G :stuck_out_tongue:

Agreed. There isn’t a really good offering around the 300,- mark at the moment I think. And I don’t think a RTX2060 is targeting that price point either. 580 and Vega56 are definitely the AMD kings when it comes to performance per schmeckles.


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Well its pretty much the same thing as a RX480 / RX580,
but just a die shrink and slightly higher clocks.
So yeah it all depends on the price difference.

Uphere i saw the XFX RX590 Fatboy for arround 290 bucks.
A similar RX580 8GB isnt that much cheaper uphere.
So i guess it depends on the area where you life.

580 here can be found for roughly 250€ and 590 showed up for 350 and up… Totally not worth it in my area…

I thought I said intel igpu but maybe not. After the game bundle ends I expect the price to come down a bit. What sold me was the OC headroom. It OCs like a champ. Undervolting got me to 1650 no problem… so with the game bundle it’s a good deal. If you have zero interest in any of the games… well, wait for the non-bundle version to come out.
though the 580 comes with 2/3 games, depending… hmmmmmm

but that oc… is so good…

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Any news on the linux driver support for the RX590?
I guess it works without much hassle since its basically the same chip.
But i believe i have read about some issues somewhere.

I kinda got it working but not quite. It seems like the power management stuff is not quite right


Thats kinda interesting since the RX580 seems to do well on linux.
But i guess that it will be fixed soon.

Thanks for not mentioning used 1070s. Would have hurt the market there I’m sure. Those are honestly the best deal you can get. My brother even nabbed a 1070ti for just $320. Working like a champ so far.

Although he did get a BSOD earlier, but I can’t be sure that isn’t just because he’s running win 10, or his overclock.

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My continuing use of the Intel 6i7KYK “gaming” Nuc also has been very good. Iris 580 integrated GPU. Not going to set the world on fire but certainly plenty for 1080p Rocket League at max and 60fps…

So yeah total garbage I guess.

Edit: @noenken there is not RTX 2060… Unless I missed something. Last I head anything less than the 2070 was going to be standard GTX.

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For the record, I’ve been using this card for passthrough for the past week, and it’s working well (needs q35/ioh3420). No reset bug, no stability issues.


The final fantasy XVIIXIVVXXwhatever benchmark had an entry showing the RTX2060. Was posted on the usual rumor sites.

Interesting. If it is actually RTX, that must be truly garbage tier.

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Surely that RTX2060 has to be a label mistake, the 2070 barely does RTX at 1080p, can’t imagine a 2060 could do RTX at anything above 720p.

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Honestly, in my mind nothing about this “leak”, happening a week after the RX590 launch, is a mistake.

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RTX2060 would be a disaster… if its a true RTX product it will be fail on its face, if it can’t well why would you name it RTX? Also you have the premium price for the RTX label… this may actually help the 590 sell.

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Wait for it…

There it is. I can totally see them putting the RTX name on it, even if it would be completely useless at the job. Why? Because money! Average consumers dont know what RTX should do really, but they know they want the new name! So the name sells it.

Oh how I wish that were true. AMD could make a 2080ti killer and drop it tomorrow for half the price and nVidia would still outsell them.

AMD doesn’t have to outsell Nvidia at this juncture, simply selling a lot more will boost revenue.