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Taichi X470 - Unboxing, Linux Test, OC Test, Zen+ 4 stick memory speed tests | Level One Techs


On the x470 motherboard reviews I'm trying to make a point of testing performance and capabilities of "fully populated" memory speeds in a worst case (mixed memory types) config. It can make a big difference in performance if the timings don't line up just right for memory in both dual and quad stick configurations.

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ASRock X470 Taichi Ultimate - General Discussion

May I suggest you put a link to the video here as well? I mean I will go and find the video, but I could have just clicked…



I’m curious to know at what timings the memory kits ran at 3400. Btw. I find it actually sad that we seem to get less dual NIC boards.



You mean like the higher end Taichi Ultimate board?

Asrock have two TaiChi boards this time. This one and the Ultimate one, that have extra shit, one being extra networking :slight_smile:



Extra shit is always a good thing :smiley:
But yeah only very few boards out there that have more than 6x S-ATA and/or dual NIC. Oh and don’t forget this shit about the PCIe lanes sharing. Me wants all the expansion cards I can have. (That’s why I got Threadripper :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes: )

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Honestly, I regret a little bit getting the AB350 Pro4… I mean I like it, but I didn’t expect to get the 1700X. I was aiming at 1600, and then I got crazy cheap 1700X and the board is obviously not ment to handle the 8 cores…
I am seriously thinking of replacing it, but those X470 boards are way WAY out of my league financially. I really want something like X470 Pro4 - the basic features, but with some decent VRM, that can take 8 core no problems…



Only one of the x1 slots looks open ended in the video…


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It is, several boards are like that where some or all of the m.2 are open ended. you can use some cards in them (e.g. usb cards) though slower.



2 things.

  1. The background music was one point. What was it called? Nothing that references it in the description

  2. You seem to have forgot something in the description :stuck_out_tongue:



Looking forward to these memory tests.
I basiclly wanne know if the Asrock bios is improved on memory overclocking aswell.
Because on the X370 Taichi board certain bios versions were a bit wonky wenn it comes to memory timings.


ASRock X470 Taichi Ultimate - General Discussion

So… what where those memory timings?



Just get one of the high end X370 boards, no reason to go X470 with a 1000 series CPU.

I would argue there isn’t even much reason to go with X470 with a 2000 series CPU, the stuff you get is not worth double the price (at least that’s the case here).
But that’s just my opinion.

It’s from incompetech as usual, can’t say for the title, but I heard it a few days ago when I was searching for another one.

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Wendell mentioned ryzen getting a touch hot with overclock and I was wondering what kinda temps other users were getting.

With my old FX-8350 rig under load my Noctua NH-D14 could keep everything under 40c even with a healthy overclock.

With my Ryzen 2700x I have a Noctua NH-D15 and I am seeing temps around 50c and sometimes up to 60c unless I really push the fans. From what I see it’s mainly due to it auto overclocking but still even with a hefty cooler like the one I am using I was kinda surprised.

So what are other users seeing for their temps?

Love the videos about IOMMU by the way, I’ve got my old rig running proxmox and playing with iommu with some success.


ASRock X470 Taichi Ultimate - General Discussion

On my Kraken x62 my 2700X stays at roughly 40°C when gaming. I stress tested it with OCCT a while ago and hit about 48°C degress (but I only ran if for 10 minutes).

Edit: Thus far I’ve undervolted my CPU with -50mV without any problems, once I hit my CPUs peak (or once I’m satisfied) I’ll create a seperate thread. This might also effect the temperatures a bit.



60°C is totally fine.
Its exally pretty good.

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Yeah 60s is fine.

My passively cooled firewall box sits on 60-65C all day, every day. Has done for 1-2 years at this point.



I can only tell you that my G.Skill 4133 C19 kit won’t run stable at anything above 3200. Testing with mprime -t throws errors. I can set the proper timings (14,14,14,14,34) but even running the XMP timings I can’t raise clocks. It will post up to 3600 or even a bit higher but it isn’t stable. I got the board with version 1.20 (which isn’t listed on the website btw.) and I am now on the latest Beta BIOS 1.36A on the Taichi Ultimate.

My system is stuffed into a short 4U rack case and the best cooler I can fit is the NH-C14S. I get around 55°C in games at low rpm, 65°C under real load and when mprime runs the worst stuff it gets up to 72°C at around 1300-1400RPM. At that point the system is definitely audible but still acceptable. … I bought it to run fast, not silent. :wink:



Important question:
Do the gears actually spin?



Only with the correct lego technic addon.

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None of the Taichi paints would have ever worked since the first Taichi board sadly :frowning:

I wonder if anyone at Asrock has ever seen a gear before…