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Taichi x470 select boot gpu slot?

Can anyone point me to where to find the option to select which GPU to use for the uefi / boot? MB is a Asrock Taichi x470.

I have a Radeon 7750 in pcie 1 x16, that I want to use for driving the display on my server, and a Quadro P400 in pcie 2 x1 that I use for accelerated transcoding.

For some reason, the system prefers the Quadro card, and I can’t find any options to select which slot to use a boot. The Quadro doesn’t have any displays connected, it is zip-tied inside the chassis, attached to one of those mining extender cables.

Unfortunately, only Gigabyte boards have this option. I looked for a similar option to the Gigabyte “Initial Display Output” and could not find it on any other board other than a Gigabyte board. I almost bought a ASrock board because it had good PCI-E layout, only to find that Gigabyte were the only ones doing “Initial Display Output” out of all the vendors.

The X570 Aorus Master with the latest AGESA seems to have had most of those initial gripes out of the way.