Tabs on the Market?

I'm looking into buying a tablet for school and at home use. 
And it has a dock type keyboard to do notes and such for classes.

My max I want to spend is roughly 500USD. For those who suggest get a laptop instead or an ultrabook: I commute to my college and carrying around a laptop + books = getting heavy quickly. 




I think Nexus 7 is the jack of all trades sort of tablet, I haven't had it too long, but it has definatly replated my laptop as far as taking notes in lectures goes. It's only $200 but it could be a bit small for your taste. Though if you're hell bent on going to $500 I'm sure somebody will suggest an Asus Transformer, but I can't speak for any of those because I haven't used one long enough to pass judgement

How much is the Asus Transformer anyways? I really am not hell bent to spend 500USD but I can if try lol. I just really want a good tablet + keyboard. N7 is great but I won't be able to use it in class. 

Oh there are cases and docks for the Nexus 7 with a keyboard, like this one here, the only problem is they're a bit small

 I believe this is the top teir Transformer, looks nice, but you should do more research, read the other "Tablet for school" threads, and think about whether or not you really need it or if you just got a craving to buy something

It would be very hepful to know what type of apps you are running and what you are expecting of your device. Are you planning on taking notes, opening specific documents? Are you planning on playing games on your device? For a high-end tablet, try an Asus Transformer Infinity. It is a great tablet and if I didn't get a Tab 2, I would have gotten one. If you would like a great light laptop, why not buy a Chromebook? Cheap, light and fast. Will be great for school and at a little more than half the cost of the Infinity Pad.


I'd recommend the note 10.1. I've been using it as a home and work tablet for a few months now. More versatile than the nexus 7 imo and faster cpu than the still excellent transformer series. It's excellent for notes in particular. 

I have to chuck a vote in for the TF300T(with keyboard dock), brilliant for school(although personally i get more done if i leave it at home lol) and depending on how much you like your warrenty, you can easily dual boot linux so you can use a full office suite like libre office(This is the whole reason i brought the tablet)

Ive owned a couple of the transformer series and the tf300t is prolly the best choice if you have a budget, the tf700 (ininity) has a full hd screen but the same processor(tegra 3) therefor you get better screen detail at the cost of some smoothness.

p.s If you start looking at windows 8 (not rt) tablets, stay right away from intel atoms........  shockingly bad lol

The nexus 7 is really good but for school you should get the Nexus 10


You might also want to look at the Asus Memo Pad 10, which is essentially the same specs as the Nexus 7 only it's a 10 inch tablet. It also has HDMI video out which the Nexus 7 does not have. It's only 299$ too.