TABs not as good as you may think

TABs are not nice for a dyslexic like me that has to copy spellings. I is easier to copy spelling from two open windows than two tabs. Think about having to switch from the tab your working on to the tab your copying from for each letter.

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I got around this by having 6 displays, no reason to switch tabs.


tabbed browsing, tabs vs spaces, or totally accurate battle simulator?

6 displays implies maybe browsers, but people are funny about editors and there are definitely emacs sessions spanning at least a dozen monitors and they do things like avoid wrapping long lines because then their code doesnt fit on their punch cards (?) and some compilers/interpreters will screech into the aether with the force of a thousand suns exploding and dump anything they’re working on previously into /dev/null.

And i haven’t played totally accurate battle simulator enough to really be familiar.

Also, you can totally have two browser windows tiled side by side for copying and still have hundreds of tabs opened in each.

(provided you have enough ram to sacrifice to your nearest chromium shrine)

Sources tabbed out on left, output/edit on the right with a few background tabs for work noise/music, email and research (tear the tab off and drag it into the sources)

I have some weird thing with my eyes where lines of text split and concatenate with the line above/below, especially when tired or struggling to focus due to lack of caffeine.

Switching everything (titlebars, captions, window text, etc) to an appropriate codemonkey font massively helps.

Consolas, ibm plex mono, ibm plex code, anonymous pro, and hack all are fairly good

Honestly anything where there is a clear differentiation between 1iIlLoO0 is probably perfect.

No matter what, transposing across decimals still happens, like $53.34 and $34.53 but lack of sleep or being busy as fuck makes it happen more often.

never found it much of an issue myself.
if i want 2 tabs open and visible. i just drag one out of the browser and it makes a new instance.
i can then tile them side by side. then highlight then drag and drop to move text from one tab to the other.
cut and paste wont always work as it can be disabled in browser for things like browser hosted virtual machine access.

but drag and drop should still work.

to drag and drop:
first highlight the text you want to copy to the other browser window.
when its all highlighted. release the mouse button, you should be able to grab it by moving over the highlight clicking and hold the left mouse button, and drag the content into the textarea/input box you would normally paste it to.
when you drag it over your should see a no entry sign on most of the page, but if there’s a box you can drop it in, the no entry should change to a + in a box at your mouse pointer.
when you see the + release the left button and the text should appear in that other box.

and yeah i r dyslexic 2.
for stuff like this i would suggest you learn to play. coz that’s how i found the above worked.
a couple of weeks ago i was given a book to read and put it into my own words. (cyber exam)
needless to say the first draft was sent back with the majority of my answers needing serious amounts of correction.
comments like, please use full sentences, grammar, can you reword this sentence/paragraph its out of order. spelling wasn’t terrible due to spell check, but capitalisation, comma’s, colons, the wrong there, and your… the list goes on.

so how did i figure it out, cut and paste was disabled in browser. you cant even cut and paste from the same page.
i highlighted something and accidentally moved the letter… oh…
i highlight everything I’m interested in moving. grab it and move it to another box…
next open a browser, log into outlook, open a new email. in a separate browser instance.
i tile it and then highlight all the text. move it into the new email. hit the text styling options and hit sentence case…
i just capitalised all my sentences properly :smiley: … then used the grammar correction.
once done i dragged and dropped it back into the assessment.
repeated as needed and then resubmitted… that first time it came back with 38 edits out of 42 questions.
this time, i got an email back basically shouting well done, brilliant. but im sending it back can you make 3 small edits.

turns out i accidentally mangled a couple of drag and drops. leaving extra text that was out of place.
i just deleted it and resubmitted it…
hopefully i will get a pass :slight_smile: .