Tablet not powering on

I recently bought an MSI Primo 81 from newegg, and despite charging it to full, as I can see when it is plugged into the wall and temporarily lights up, it just won't power on. I hold the power button, but nothing happens. I have plugged into my pc, and the pc does not even register that something is plugged in. What is going on, and why is this happening? Can I fix it, or should I just call MSI, newegg, or someone else?

Well there's likely the standard 1 Year warranty on it, so if you can get MSI to replace it, that's probably your best bet.

Have you check if it have a reset button?  usually is tiny and you need a paper clip to press it.

I saw a couple tablets came back to life after being reset.

Hold the button for an extended time (until it hurts), stuff like that.