Tablet: Digitizer Experience - How's Your Tablet's Digitizer?

I own a Dell Venue 8 Pro, and I'm running WIndows 10 Build 10049.

The tablet has an active digitizer developed by Synaptics, and for hand-writing it's in my opinion a terrible experience.

The handwriting is fairly accurate, but there are minor issues,

  1. The Corner Test: Everytime i try to write something on the corner of the screen, the pen flick will have a heart-attack and gitter to holy hell, (don't know if this happens with N-Trig or with Waccom, but it happens with Synaptics.
  2. The Hover distance is in my opinion atrocious, because when i try to write something it will hover about an inch away from the screen and there is a latency which shows after you finish writing something, you can continue to write even an inch away.

Here's the hand-writing experience for me. (for anyone who care's I'm Left-Handed)

This my Pre-Calc Notes.

**Anyone else has had a bad experience with Synaptics?
Also if anyone can give me a reasonable description of the "N-Trig" and "Waccom" experience on their tablets that would be most helpful. cause I'm in the market for a Windows Tablet, and I'm considering the Surface 3.**

Shameless self bump

I have a Lenovo Thinkpad Tablet 2. I believe it uses a wacom digitizer. Overall, I'm very happy with the handwriting experience on my device. The accuracy at the corners and edges isn't the best, but it doesn't bother me. There is a hover feature which activates at a little over an inch, but there must be pressure on the tip of the stylus in order for the inking to activate. Here is a sample page from my notes:

Honestly, I have no trouble whatsoever writing legibly on my tablet. The touchscreen deactivates when the stylus get close to the screen, so I can rest my hand on the screen comfortably without accidentally panning or zooming in. My main complaint about the tablet is that it is not very powerful. The battery lasts all day, but I would trade an hour or two of battery life for a little more performance power. If you have the money for a surface pro, I would go for that. But if money is an issue, you can get a Thinkpad Tablet 2 for around $300 off amazon.

It looks much more accurate than my hand-writing and i feel i have a decently neat hand-writing lol

I thought about the thinkpad early on but, back then i thought i could get away with an 8 Inch and at the time the Dell Venue 8 Pro was the best for the price. and boy was I wrong.

The Surface 3 right now is the biggest appeal to me and it's good to know the Waccom digitizer is pretty good. now i'm curious about the N-Trig. i have a friend who owns a surface 3 but i always bloody forget to ask him how's the handwriting. :/