Tablet connection options?

So lemme outline the scenario. I recently picked up a pair of Nexus 7s for my gf and me for use around the house or to chill with in bed. Problem is our room is located at the back of the house while our router is located up at the front  and the connection we get with the tablets while in the back isn't the greatest. What would be the best way to go about getting a solid connection to our room? I know a range extender would work, but the odd layout of my home combined with the fact that my center hallway doesn't have a single power outlet removes that possibility from the equation. I can run ethernet cables to the back of the house through the attic no problem, but I don't want to move the location of the router because of the number of other devices it's used by up front, specifically in my office. Is there some sort wirelss transmitter that I can purchase that can be connected to ethernet that would act as a static IP? Any suggestions are much appreciated, thanks!

I don't know alot about it, but Power over Ethernet sounds like what your looking for.

You can always get a second router to put in your room