T-SHIRTS FOR SERBIA! ( and why doesent Pistol blink....like ever )

Hello Logan and the rest of the team!

First I am sorry for my English,because it is not my native language but I will try my best ( using google ofc :D ).

I wanted to get a shirt from your merch store and I was wondering about the shipping.Since you are in America and I am in Southeastern Europe I think that the shipping costs wont be cheap.I also know that some stores provide free shipping,so I am wandering is that the case with this one allso or how much would it cost for me to get the shirt?

Now for the seccond question.

I recently watched Pistols twitch stream of skyrim and she blinks like every 10 minutes.I even started trolling her so she did a round of blinks at the end of the stream :D

My question really is just HOW ?!!! HOOOOWWWW!!!?????????????

My eyes get sore after 1-2 minutes.She must be magic or whatnot :O


Best regards and all the best from Serbia.