T-Mobile in SoCal

How many people have TMobile in the Torrance, El Segundo, greater Los Angeles area, and how do you like it? I’m tired of the ATT pricing and am ready to make the jump if T-Mobiles coverage of the above is good.

I’m from CenCal and take trips to Universal Hollywood a couple times a year. For those specific areas I’m not sure, but I was getting about 80mbps down at the Loews (not the WiFi, but I remember checking my LTE speeds there and it was super fast compared to when I’m at work).

Also, T-Mobile Tuesdays are awesome.

I think they have a 14-day return policy as well, but there is a restocking fee.


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I’m in San Diego and I have no problems on T-Mobile. I’ve traveled to LA a few times with it and I’ve never had a problem.

Also, OnePlus works like a charm!

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I am not in El Segundo area, more inland. I have T mobile and performance is good, Verizon was better especially in the mountains (hiking etc)

T mobile is worth the price honestly and have only missed Verizob a few time since switching a couple years ago.

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T-Mobile is complete and utter junk al the easy from corperate management right on down the their cal center and retail location staff, I went from AST&T to verizon to T-Mobile and then finally reverted back to Verizon as both AT&T and T-Mobile are worthless on every level.

Care to explain why?

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Several friends have ATT, use to work for Verizon and have friends that have it, and currently using TMobile. Honestly no real complaints going from San Diego to northern parts of LA. I will admit that Verizon tends to have better reception in some areas that are just dead zones; like they will be able to make a phone call while I have no reception inside a brick building, but they can’t do much more than that.

For how much money I’m saving, and the knowledge of not giving money to ATT or VZW, I am perfectly happy with TMobile. Seriously the only places I don’t have reception are places I don’t even want reception. I’ve never been in a situation where I’ve felt TMobile has been lacking for SoCal. Plus I can use whatever phone I want (OnePlus now) instead of having the corporate overlords of VZW telling me what I can use).

Now traveling through what Texas…that’s a whole different story.


Weird. I’ve had much better experience with T-Mobile than I did with Verizon. I had Verizon for about 7 years, and then they got rid of the unlimited plans, then when it came time to upgrade they told me if I switched to a different phone then they’d have to put me on a different plan and I wouldn’t be able to keep my unlimited data, so I dropped them and went to Sprint. Sprint was pretty good to me, but then some stipend stuff came up at work and I needed to get an iPhone to participate, so I switched to T-Mobile since they were the next best option as far as pricing and plans go and they paid off my phone from Sprint. Haven’t had any issues with them. T-Mobile Tuesdays is really cool. They have some coupons and stuff, and they also give out tangible items about once a month or every other month. I have a free umbrella, insulated bag, and apron from them. Today they’re giving out free sunglasses.

In terms of service, Verizon and AT&T are still the best over all, but T-Mobile has been good everywhere I’ve been so far. It even beats out AT&T where I work, and the only place I don’t have service is up in the mountains, where Verizon and AT&T are dead as well.

Good points as well.

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I 'm getting the vibe like this is an emotional response. I understand and almost every large company where you pay money too can invoke this. Putting that aside I feel there is higher value with T mobile over Verizon service but I am just one person.

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Awesome, thanks all for the replies. I’m looking to make the switch soon, and stand to save even more money as I’m applicable to one of the discounts- oh plus can cancel my Netflix and use what comes with theirs, so even more savings.

ATT hasn’t had bad reception or service, but at $80 and some change each month and I get throttled at 6GB, I started to look around.

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Was there all last week, the traffic is so much more bearable than LA haha. Those rental bikes and scooters are all over the place- or maybe it was just the area I was in (old town, annex and hotel circle mission valley).

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There’s this Android app called “network cell info” that has a nice visual display of current cell tower location signal strength.


@Token what phone do you have? Would Google Fi and the crazy 3 networks at the same time switching thing work for you?

@risk I have a OnePlus 6, so no Fi for me.

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Well, technically, I’m in north county. (RB/Escondido area) traffic is a breeze up here. If there are more than 10 cars at a light, it’s “heavy traffic”

I finally did it, first day on TMobile, two lines, already submitted what was needed for the discount confirmation and switched my Netflix account over to getting paid by TMobile. Will be interesting over the next few weeks to see if the service is any different.

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Uhhhg, so I get great reception outside of the office, but Tmobile’s signal does not penetrate my office’s walls at all, so that kind of sucks. But for the price, so far I’m keeping Tmobile.

And this is why 5g is a meme that will never happen. 60GHz can’t penetrate a wet paper towel.

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