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System76 to bring linux laptops to market?

So I’m watching this and eating pizza and then jesus boi over here spouts out about S76.

Huh. K.

So what does ‘bring to market’ mean? Like… sell in stores? Anyone heard anything?

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The only thing that I heard about 76 recently was that they were going to make and design their own laptops instead of just rebranding clevos


Ohhhhh thats what he meant. Not vely clear.

Coooool. I love it.

Time stamp?

11:18 is when he starts talking about System76


In the video he reads that the CEO is trying to perfect the aesthetic, looking for hardware manufacturers, and investigating supply chain issues. They’re trying to sell them in stores.

@Goalkeeper @Aremis


They put a timestamp sheet in the video. Its why I like GN, aside from literal chip science.

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Yeah I noticed that once I started actually watching lol.

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Havent watched the video yet but I have listened to Jason Evangelho’s Linux4Everyone podcast in which he interviewed the CEO of System76. They have just opened a new factory in Colorado hoping to create their own laptop from scratch (previously they’ve used rebranded Clevos and Sagers).

This feels expensive simply because its not mass produced enough to benefit from economies of scale. But US people would benefit from no China tariffs and all users of Pop!_OS would benefit potentially from its further development/funding. They’ve also promised to disable Intel ME and its AMD counterpart.

Hopefully this wont drag them into bankrupcy…

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Well they also just went public. I doubt they’d die from it.

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I’ve been very, very tempted to buy a system76 machine, but unsure on support… haven’t dealt with them before, but i’m in australia on the other side of the planet and they have no stores.

still, decent spec for cheap and linux compatibility guaranteed.

I mean, you get a human at least.

If you want companies like this to exist, vote with your wallet.


From the sounds of it, it’s gonna be a while (more than 18 months) before they get fully internal systems. If you don’t mind Clevo brand they’re tough to beat.

Plus they have AMD/Nvidia/Intel, whatever you want.

Clevo? More like CleNO.

Their support is abysmal. AVADirect literally dropped them over it. Prostar is the US rep. Literal bag of dicks.

Im surprised s76 has stuck with them for so long.

Whether or not clevo support is crap, as a system76 customer, that is (or should be) system76’s problem.

As an end user, i’d be dealing with system76 presumably?

I didnt know they went public. Actually going public now poses problems in that publicly owned companies have the responsibility to do the most profit. If they go profit based (vs their current incarnation), they might begin to do shenanigans. If they wont meet their quarterly earnings, i wonder when will they start to push a paid Pop!_OS distro…

They also went public like… a year and a half ago or so. Maybe only a year.

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If you are worried about Clevo Support when you’re not buying from Clevo you’re worrying about the wrong thing.

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