System Wont Start MOBO blinking green led


CPU: AMD FX 6300

GPU: 7850

PSU: corsair 600w

MOBO: M5A97 LE R2.0

After using this build (my first) for almost a year my cpu started to experience high temperatures and turned of twice because of this. I immediately ordered an aftermarket cooler (Cooler Master Hyper TX3) and installed it. Afterwards I tried turning my PC on but it wouldn't turn on. I opened it up and whenever I turn on my PSU a green light starts blinking on my motherboard, and the gpu and psu fans turn on. The cpu and case fans do not turn on. any suggestions? I am only 15 and I am very worried I screwed something up.

 My motherboard manual says that the light would be blinking if the computer is in sleep/hibernation mode.

Try clearing the CMOS. There might be a button or 2 headers that need to be shorted (look at your motherboard manual).

Thank you! You are amazing! It works now.