System won't post when memory is in dual channel configuration!

So i just did a pretty big system upgrade. Went from a 4 year old motherboard and cpu to the Asus Z170-a and an i5-6600k.

Yesterday, after I had finished the last of the installations, I went to boot things up and got a solid dram led. This was a problem for about an hour as i tried several combinations of the two sticks of ddr4. then something changed (really not sure what) and i was able to post! at that time i only had one stick in the B2 (far right) slot. so things posted, i was happy, i shut things down and threw the other stick in the A2 slot (as suggested by the motherboard manual for single instance dual channel) and for some reason, now the CPU led was lit and again back to no post! after another 45 mins of moving ram around i found that as long as the sticks were on separate channels, i'd post. The problem is that their preformance is sevearly hindered now.

At this point im not sure what to do! I've checked some other places (reddit, toms hardware) and really got no help :/

some notes:
system is watercooled
running 16 gigs of kingston hyperX 2133 ddr4 bought as a kit of 2x8
powersupply is pretty new so im sure its not that.
cpu has been overclocked to 4.6 ghz but that was after this problem so im pretty sure its not related
xmp switch is off
tpu switch is off
system boots when memory is in [0,0,1,1] configuration.
There is no fan connected to the main CPU headder (however in the bios i dissabled monitoring of that as it gave me errors).

if you can think of any suggestions please let me know! thanks for the help!

did you allready tried to update the bios to the last version?
In terms of memory configuration, you should basicly use the color coördinated slots for dual channel operation.
So either the greys or the blacks.

havn't tried updating bios. will try that next and get back to you. as far as color coordinated slots for dual channel. yeah i tried both configurations [0101] and [1010] but neither would post. gonna check bios update now! :D

I've always known Dual Channel to be [0101] It's also said to be for more compatibility.

Hopefully your RAM is under the qualified vendors list. You can find it on the motherboard's support page.

If nothing else helps, then You might want to carefully check that you didn't happen to nick any of the pins in the CPU socket.

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@mkk well considdering the system is fully functional if im not trying to use dual channel, i.e. games, movies, web browser. got it clocked at 4.8ghz right now about to do a stress test. so im fairly confident the cpu and socket are fine (but i will still check for posterity and i think you for the suggestion! )

@shredderman right i did try it like that but you might be right about the qualified vendors list! I didn't think much of it but my sticks aren't listed in the manual under the supported ram section for my speed! is it possible that could cause it to fail to post entirely?