System wont POST after changed DRAM to 1600mhz

Hello, my computer was running fine but I knew my ram could run at 1600 so I went into Bios and changed 'DRAM frequency' to from 1333 to 1600 and when my computer restarted I got 3 short beeps and now my computer wont post, I reseated the ram, moved the jumper to the clear data section and reseated the Battery, the beeping has stopped when I turn it on but still no post?

Help please.

Mobo - 970A G46

RAM - 1x8gb corsair vengeance ram 1600mhz

Anyone know what I should try?

Try leaving the battery out for a least 30 mins.

Done that, no luck it's still not posting. This is so annoying every single day this build has been finished something has stopped it posting and I've spent hours trying to figure it out, I'm getting really sick and tired of this.