System stuttering gnome shell weirdness


I am using pop OS 19.10
CPU: 7700k and GPU: 1070

My system keeps stuttering every couple seconds
I opened up gnome system monitor and I see this

so I open htop in my terminal and see “/usr/bin/gnome-shell” process cycling between 0% 40% and 70% cpu usage

every time it says 0% is when my system stutters

what can I do to stop this?

I used to get this on arch forever ago but that was on an apu. I’d reinstall gnome and it’d stop for a while. This was 2014 tho.


Im on Pop!_OS LTS (18.04)
i5 6600k
GTX 970

It seems fine… Have you tried the LTS usb? Maybe its what they did to make things smoother.