System Shock Reboot/Remake being Kickstarted [Video and Demo Link]

You can go ahead and download a demo for it on steam:

Humble Store Demo is also steam:

Or you can get a DRM free demo on GOG:

I'm pretty excited about this. It has alot of the people who made the original game working on it. It also looks they have a good representation of the game being made. I have backed this myself.

The original System Shock hasn't held up as the sequel, the controls were wonky but the story was pretty good.

What do you think about the reboot/remake? Are you going to join the kickstarter or wait till it's released?
I'm going to give the demo a spin when I get home from work.

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not available drm-free?

k no thanks bye.

You mean like GOG:
Yep there is a drm free demo as well:

I'll update the original post with all the demo links.

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thanks, now i'm interested.

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I should play the old system shock games...

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No linux, no love.

just plopped down $30, because i loved the first two Bioshocks, and this looks clear up my street.

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demo was fantastic def gonna buy it when its out on gog!!!

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