System Shock 3 Announced!

I know @Logan and many other members of the community are huge fans of the system shock series (I know I am). So I was very excited to hear that System Shock 3 was in production!

Here's The Teaser Site

Fun fact: Ken Levine has nothing to do with this...
Sad fact: Ken Levine has nothing to do with this...


I might pick it up being Prey 2 and all.

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This is in the page's HTML...
<meta name="description" content="Join the original team behind Ultima Underworld on a quest to rekindle this legendary fantasy RPG series.">

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I'm really excited to see where he goes after Infinite. despite some of the community disliking it I really loved every minute. Who knows what he's up to now?

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At the very least, the co-founder of System Shock, Paul Neurath, is involved with this. Sucks it can't be both of them, but it is better than some hack who doesn't understand the vision that went behind the System Shock series.