System Noise Issue

Hey everyone,


I recently upgraded my computer with an EVGA GTX 760 SC Graphics Card. I upgraded from a GT630 card. Since the upgrade, I've been running my games maxed out like a champ, however, there's a terrible noise coming from my computer which seems to be happening when the graphics card is under heavy load. Now, this didn't happen with my old card, but the old card didn't even require any power cables from my PSU. I don't think it's the card, I think it's the PSU fan that's kicking up whenever the 760 is sucking a ton of power. Is there a program I can use to ramp up my PSU fan speed so I can see if that's what's causing it?

My system specs:

Mobo: Asrock z77 Extreme4

Intel i7 2600 @ stock 3.4gHz

Rosewill Capstone 750w Gold PSU

Nvidia EVGA 760 SC @ stock

8gb ddr3 Samsung ram

120gb Sandisk SSD <-boot drive

1tb Hitachi 7200RPM <-storage drive

CPU heatsink is some Cooler Master death trap thing that my friend gave me which has a fan, but it's not running at the time of the noise. It only runs under CPU heavy load I think.

As you can tell I'm new to this stuff, but I keep up with it because I love learning new things about it.

Can anyone help me? Here's a youtube link with the sound recorded with a Blue Snowball shoved into the side of the open case.

Any help is greatly appreciated.



Is it a reference cooler or ACX cooler

well, easiest way to solve this is to run a game for a while until you can hear your PC. take off the side panel (or do this first if you have to move it) and put your ear next to things! don't get your hair caught in any fans ;) just listen to the noise! 

come back with your results. 

ACX Cooler. I really don't think it's the card, I put my finger on the middle of both the fans to stop them, and both did nothing to the noise at all. I used Precision X to ramp up and down the speeds on the fans, and they sound like they should.

Yeah, that's exactly what I did however I can't really tell what it is. I put my ear to the back where the PSU vent is, and heard nothing, I only hear it in the side of the case when I'm running a graphic intensive game. It sounds like it's coming from around the middle of my case, but I really can't tell. That's why I need a program to ramp the speeds of my PSU to see if that's what's causing it. I don't think there's any programs out there that can do that though, and there's no bios settings that I'm aware of for it.

Well from your video it sounded like something was caught in the fan, check all your fans for debris, including your power supply

If you take off the side panel and listen whilst stress testing you can tell where the sound is coming from. 

"program to ramp the speeds of my PSU to see if that's what's causing it' >>> thats what stress testing will do champ, loading the system and drawing max power.

If its the gpu then try it in another machine (as your psu may be feeding it dirty power). If it still occurs RMA it. - most vendors will allow coil whine rma's.

If its the psu then buy a better one. You wont need much wattage so to speak just a higher quality unit. - xfx, seasonic, silverstone, nzxt hale, superflower, some corsairs and fsp.

Unplugged all but the rear facing fan on the chassis, and it's clean, which leaves the gpu fans and the psu fan. The psu and all the other components are only a month old and aren't in need of an air cleaning yet, and I'm pretty sure there's no debris in the psu fan itself because it runs perfectly fine unless under load. However, I will check it for debris just to be on the safe side.

sounds like coil whine from the GPU... if so, contact EVGA and they'll replace it without any hassle... fantastic customer service...

to stress a 750w PSU where it ramped up its fans would need a LOT more power drawn than your CPU can draw....