SYSTEM MODDING - Finding the right GPU


I am currently in the process of doning my first computer case mod I witch I am installing a Gaming system into a old Coretech mATX workstation chasis witch a SFX power supply is the old PSU that will fit... anyway i have found a PSU and 450W Silverstone... But know I can find a GPU that will fit in my case... most new Graphics card have the 6 pin power coming out one side or out the top in my situation... and i have not got enough space to plug in a graphics card. So I need a Graphics (either nVidia or AMD) that the power comes out the back of the Graphics (E.G) the EVGA GTS 450/450 Ti, but something with more grunt. Please also note that I Dont have any room to have tall cards or Cards like the ASUS DirectCU II cards that have heat pipes that extend above the graphics cards.



something like this? (i dont know how much your budget is)


Or are you looking for a lowprofile video card?

Standard is fine but i want a 660 or 660Ti but with the 6 Pin Coming out right of the card instead of the Top Like the Standard 660

Can we have some pics of your case?

Im pretty sure Asus makes a GTX 670 mini, or if the cables are a little to tight just get an individually sleeved cable extension which wont take up as much space depending on how you route it.

as show in the photos... the EGVA GTX 470 will just fit but the power plugs are in the wrong spot to be plugged it...

Does anyone have any insite into a GPU that will fit in the case???

if you could try to find a gpu that has the 6 pin connectors towards the direction of your radiator it would fit nicely, or even a card with recessed connectors like the evga 670

I would but i live in australia... so that GPU is not available