System Lockups at random

Hi there

I’ve been running Linux for nearly 2 years now and i’ve had a reoccuring issue that keeps bugging me.
my system locks up at random, i’ve ran manjaro, arch, ubuntu 18.04 and 19.04 and pop_os! 19.04 and they all experience the same random system lockups.

the system is perfectly stable on windows but not on linux.
there is nothing in the logs related to the freezes/lockups.
It seems to only do it around idle, i’ve never had it lockup during gaming sessions only when doing basic day to day things like webbrowsing, messaging people on discord etc etc.

the system is not overloaded or overheating.
the ram is compatible, bios was updated about a month ago.
i have verified the ssd’s integrity and installed on multiple ssd’s.
multiple distro’s all with the same results.

There are no extra connected peripherals besides mouse, keyboard, headset, monitors etc etc the usual.

ryzen 7 1700x
asus prime x370 pro
asus rog strix gtx 1070ti
gskill tridentz rgb 3000mhz 2x8gb
samsung 840 pro ssd

Are you seeing any swap activity prior to lock ups?

maybe give this a look

Disable C-states, turn off anything efficiency related, cool&quite and so on.
Have the same board in two systems and they are rock solid after I did that.

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i don’t think i’ve even setup a swap, and it happens at random times sometimes withing minutes of booting sometimes after hours of doing nothing

so the tldr is disable c6 in bios or in the distro itself?

thank you! will check it out and report back!
I have a corsair rm650x psu if anyone was wondering

Yeah, got same board here, with ryzen 1400, all I need to do is set “typical current idle” in bios to make the idle lockups go away, although others have needed to disable c states and other power settings. Seems to vary by cpu. These settings are all in the bios btw. I believe under the advanced menu under AMD CBS.

it appears to work!
just turned the pc on put up 2 google chrome sessions, opened discord, loaded a few youtube tabs paused them and left one 10 hour loop video running and it’s ran over 3 hours now not a single lockup