System guidance sought

Hi guys,

I recently discovered tek syndicate while looking for a motherboard review, and I really like what I've found. Great job putting together a website/channel that is really useful, friendly and entertaining.

I would love to get your thoughts on suggested/recommended hardware for a system that I intend to put together early next year. My requirements are:

Video editing. I will be using the machine to put together short videos and maybe longer projects (up to 1 hour eventually). I currently work with action cameras and DSLRs shooting in H.264 but intend to develop capability to work in raw .DNG and ProRes in up to 4k using Blackmagic's Resolve software. I use Adobe CC suite, focussing on Premiere Pro and occasional use of AE for shot stabilisation and titling. I would like to be able to use the AE Raytrace Engine for 3D text extrusion in as close to real-time as possible. For the time being my output standard is 1080p for YouTube/Vimeo. Video editing is the number 1 priority.

Gaming. I occasionally play PC games, but not often. Flight sims and the occasional foray into the likes of BF3 or 4 and some free to play titles like World of Tanks are about my limit. I'd like to be able to play these kinds of things at respectable frames and high detail without sacrificing my video editing capability.

I'm UK based and my budget is £3500 for the system only (i.e. no monitor, NAS etc) - I appreciate that this will not necessarily get me everything I have detailed, but if possible I'd like the capability to add to the system in the future to accommodate things like the 4k video and .DNG processing/transcoding.

The main decision I have at the moment is whether or not to go down the Xeon route, and whether a GeForce 780 will do what I need or if I really ought to have a Quadro in there. I've considered an ASUS Z9PE-D8 with just one Xeon E5-2630 v2 in there to start with, adding another processor when budget allows/rendering requirements necessitate.

I'm also particularly interested in your thoughts on storage, and whether the Asus SSD caching might be useful for this application?

Anyway, I'd appreciate your thoughts. I hope I have included enough detail in here, and I look forward to hearing from you.

Best regards and blue skies,


you can't game with a quadro, simple as that, its only good for rendering large scenes.

the reason I added a titan, is it is good for rendering and gaming and has the power to push 4k