System freezing in Linux. Windows works fine?

So I’m having an issue for a while now on my arch Linux install (but it’s been happening on several distros (my windows install works perfectly fine which is super weird and that’s what I’m using now)

So what happens is that the system will start randomly stuttering. And eventually, completely freeze. And by completely, I mean the whole kernel just died or something. RESUB doesn’t work despite it being enabled as a kernel parameter. The journal stops recording event’s and the keyboard is completely powered down. Well, at least I thought it was completely frozen.

But I decided to leave it alone for an hour this last time, and it did come back but with a bunch of errors. First, it was complaining about the USB ports.
It kicked me back into my lightdm login screen.
My Corsair keyboard was still not working, so I plugged in another keyboard and was able to log in and check the journal.

Upon checking the system journal, it was apparently in a loop, and that’s why it wasn’t responding. Apparently, it logged in incorrectly, and many of my startup apps core was dumped, and the system was very unstable.

Idk what to do this would point to a hardware issue, especially since multiple Linux distro has this issue, but strangely windows work perfectly fine, not even a single blue screen or anything.

I’ll post logs and sys info when I get back on my computer now.

here are the sys logs
the freeze starts around 2:00 PM

here is my sys info

it seems to happen when I do heavy multitasking. (doing a backup of my system with back in time while also on discord while also having several articles I was reading from discord opened in Vivaldi (I have a lot of news discord channels that I follow and I open the article in Vivaldi)

just found out gist is truncating my log

08-25-2020_Freeze_errors.txt (236.9 KB) 08-25-2020_Freeze.txt (3.0 MB)