Sysadmin Mega Thread

Yeah, that would be nice. With thunderbolt becoming more mainstream, it can’t be too far off.


Requested this for my new job, any opinions?

I prefer 1 ultrawide and a laptop screen as opposed to multiple monitors

I really like 42" personally, but might be unwieldy depending on your desk config.

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Already pulled that card for our shit, this was a web portal for a system that isn’t ours.

I realised that laptop is kinda a turd and doesn’t support high resolutions so I’m going back to the drawing board.

Do you have a budget? What’s your workload?

I’ve got the 38in behemoth version of the monitor. It’s fuckin great

Idk haven’t asked yet. Just looking around. Obviously don’t want to propose 5k worth of shit and be over the top.

Kind of a bitch, I haven’t looked at laptops in a while. What an awfully undiverse market. And what happened to laptop lines having docking stations? Almost non-existent now.

So docking stations have moved to thunderbolt. I personally think it’s an improvement because you’re not tied to a vendor anymore.

So I have the Dell tb16 which works on my dell, my exes hp and my roommates lenovo.

I would recommend the base model xps15. It has Intel gpu, yeah, but it works fine for pushing my 3840x1600 uw through the dock and it doesn’t have the novideo heatmaker 9000 that is useless to me since I’m running Linux. Idk what os you’re gonna run tho.

Ah, makes sense. Im checking out MSI and came across this one with the i7, 16gb ramand 512gb ssd.

I hate to buy one with a GPU when I will be using Linux and playing tetris at most but things with Quadros or equal specs with no GPU are absurdly priced.

I’ve been rocking an old Dell Precision 3510 for a while now with upgraded RAM and ssd. Amazing how shitty port options are compared to just a few years ago and how high prices are.

Yup, you and me both. But i suspect that we will get AR before then.

My “dream” device is something like an ipad or phone that can pair with some wireless glasses and other input peripherals so that i can have the world as my virtual desktop in 3d space.

Holo-lens already does this to some degree, but the whole “we’re going to stick the computer in your head gear” idea is fucking stupid. I’m sure they’re not going to run with that long term. Apple appear to be attacking the same problem with ARkit but probably won’t release the head-gear until it is “ready” (or good enough to be beta) as per the way they normally do things. Radio silence up until its user-ready…

I did actually try to live with an ipad only for a week way back in 2012 when the original mini came out (with a bluetooth keyboard). Back then, the only major gripes i had were lack of mouse support, and some applications would terminate if left in the background.

Mouse support is now good enough. I actually tweeted apple to give us the option to set an application to not be terminated in the background (for things like SSH, etc.), no doubt they will happily ignore that :smiley:

As far as multi-tasting ability goes (with multiple monitors, multiple windows, etc.)… i actually find that multi-tasking in general is over-rated. A laptop or ipad, etc. makes me focus more on one thing and get that done rather than information overload. But some things i do need to stay running in the background…

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Christ, I forgot that .* completes to .. and goes into the parent directory… I just chmod -R fucked myself :frowning:

I did that a long time ago in a /home directory on an ISP webserver. My mentor/senior admin helped me fix it with awk :smiley:

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I did ran it on /etc/skel so now I’m locked out of sudo. Time to boot into single user…


My 43" LG is on its way out. It’s got the horizontal lines :frowning:

Just need to hold on until Strix XG438Q is back in stock. @wendell did you get yours yet? Is it glorious?

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Are the lines a psu problem?

I did and review will be on patreon next week. It’s basically fine but takes fiddling to get the text sharp


Idk? Not familiar with display hardware symptoms. Looks like this.

Was working on a server I thought was completed fucked just to realize that the SATA controller was set to IDE in the BIOS (which I didn’t know was a thing).

It was technically working, but took 3 days to install Linux. I could log in and everything, just insanely slow. Now it’s set to AHCI and purring like a kitten.