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The database is used for customer data and grows over time. I’m considering making the directory it lives in LVM rather than a straight XFS disk. This would make it simpler to expand the drive when that mount starts filling up by throwing disks at it.

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you dont have a SAN?

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Can’t remember if this was shared:

Blizzard SysOps/NetOps

Obviously prior to Activision merge, still a cool video though.

Also, they’re looking to scale out to ze clowd, it seems.

You guys will have to relocate to California! Still a cool opening nonetheless.

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Allegedly, Blizzard now pays so little, you can not afford to live where you work.

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That posting above claims $120k as a salary. Maybe California charges too much :wink:

That one person sitting there staring at her desktop


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Yes, but directly mapping to data stores is going to be a tough sell.

For physical machines…

I like to boot the OS from a local raid 1 and do lvm with the LUNs from san.

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Not sure if anyone here can help me with this, but I have a Netatalk issue. I posted the following to their mailing list but never got a response:

Looking at the vol dbpath setting in afp.conf . I would like to try to configure an optimized volume for the cnid databases. Is there a native page size for cnid? For instance, mysql has a 16k default page size, so a zfs dataset can be optimized by setting the record size to 16k. I’d like to do the same for cnid if possible.

Any ideas on how I could figure out what the page size for their cnid database is? My file sharing datastores are all optimized for large files (1M records), but I think this may be slowing down directory listing and whatever else the cnid database is responsible for. If I move it off to its own datastore, I hope to see some improved performance. I just don’t know what record size I should set.

These are VMs, does that affect that setup?

NonSysAdmin Guy. Just a dirty technician(not allowed to call ourselves mechanic anymore). Anyways what is your guys go to with VM,docker, LXC containers to seperate the data in case of VM crashing etc to be able to stand a new one up and connect back to data as if nothing happened.

A SAN where all the VMs are contained, if something crashes and is unrecoverable, get up a new VM, mount the old drive and move the data across.

Or regular backups

Depends on the rest of the details

So my freenqs iscsi as my xcpng storage array over 10gb with proper snapshots is a decent setup. I guess a database is the only thing you may seperate from the VM data?

I can’t afford to live where i work either. Well, i could rent, but home ownership close to where i work is… lots.

Unless you need the granularity/performance of iSCSI or fibre channel, i’m a big, BIG fan of NFS over 10+ gig ethernet.

Why? Because its just a shared filesystem. You are dealing with files over the network, and the on-disk format is whatever the NFS host runs. You don’t need to deal with VM filesystems like VMFS. You can easily copy/move/manage individual VM files with tools like tar, etc. You can easily expand (and more importantly, easily shrink) the datastore size via normal volume management of the underlying server.

Don’t get me wrong, iSCSI has its benefits too, but unless you need the performance, NFS is much more manageable.

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Yeah, big +1 from me on this as well…

:clap: remote :clap: work

It’s lit fam


Unfortunately some management here don’t like it because political reasons. Some aussie here (as in, in australia) fell down her own staircase because she was wearing socks on her wooden floor boards, sued her employer (Telstra) AND WON compensation for workplace injury.

Ruining it for a lot of us.

Never mind that almost all of my work is performed via remote session, just from the office…


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I used to have a part time position that paid over half my current salary with benefits. Worked freelance outside of that. It’s looking attractive again. I might switch back in the next year.

Regardless, still would be short the necessary income to finance a 7-figure mortgage which is what I’d need to buy property in my area though :frowning:

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