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Sysadmin Mega Thread

For me, ideally,

is as simple as

Granted, I have not achieved that yet, but I aim for it over avoiding redeployment.

I’ve done that using saltstack (2K system), but the company is moving to ansible (so i will have to redo it all a second time i guess…)

The harder is (for the entire team) to have the will to never change something by hand on the system. but that mean longer reaction time …

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Urgh - there’s a vulnerability in Grub2…

@SgtAwesomesauce Right - that’s what I use.

@oO.o I’m on my way.

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The fix is worse than the problem, so far.

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I heard - Patched about 20 preprod servers this weekend that use SLES - they’re doing ok so far (knock on wood).

I hear RHEL is taking it on the chin.

See thread here. GRUB2 Secure Boot Vulnerability: Boothole

Though not much discussion that is fully on topic.

Destroy and redeploy is the life I live.

Red Hat has a fixed shim in the big report that is saw if it’s critical to patch sooner than later… I’d hold off honestly and consider other options.




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You’re thinking standby on this one?

It looks like they have fixed it but I’ve not checked through it all

That’s definitely the shim bug that caused the no boot issue

So presumably as long as your up to date it should pull that. Not sure what the package delay is for centos et al.


I’m running SLES 15 && 15 SP1 and the patch for this seems to be good, but I’m wondering about some CentOS boxes I have running…

Looks like you should be ok now.

I am closing this bug as the shim packages with the correct fix were pushed to mirrors. Make sure you use shim-x64-15-15.el8_2.x86_64.rpm ( EL8 ) or respectively shim-x64-15-8.el7_8.x86_64.rpm ( EL7 ) ( or newer )

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laughing in BSD loader


laughs in systemd-boot

inb4 reee


Oracle is breathing new life into the Spacewalk project.

For those unaware, Spacewalk was the popular open-source tool used for managing updates in a RHN (RedHat Network). RedHat basically killed off the project in favor of Satellite, and anyone still using Spacewalk was just plum out of luck.

Now, Oracle has spun its own version of Spacewalk to make it compatible with OEL 8.

This is important because there was a heavily reliance on Postgres 9 which has been deprecated and Java.

It’s good to see the project living on.


The absolute state of winning on GNU/GNU

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Good guy Oracle



But yeah, if they manage it properly this might win them some goodwill back, lord knows they could use it if they want to work with the FLOSS community.